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welcomeWant to shop? Online shopping is so easy with ShopSafe - an American online shopping directory. We list only secure American online shops and stores...

We've checked the security, delivery, range of goods and prices of the online shops and have 1664 shops listed in 99 categories, as well as special offers, bargains and gift ideas.

We've reviewed the American online shops and awarded them a star rating that's completely independent. Even if a shopping site advertises with us we won't change their rating. So if you want to shop online, shop smart and shop safe - you can trust us to send you to the best online shops. We're your online shopping guide.

We've got everything from toy shops and gift shops for your Christmas shopping to supermarkets for your weekly shop. Compare prices at our many book shops or CD shops, or send some flowers or chocolates for Valentines Day! Click on the shopping categories on the left to find the online store you're looking for. Our Featured Merchants section can link you direct to products we recommend on the American Web. If you have any problems with our site or with any of the shops listed please let us know - email [email protected]. We cannot promise anything but we will do the best we can to achieve a satisfactory resolution for you.

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Safe Shopping

shop safeWe've all heard how great shopping on the Internet can be, that you can get things far cheaper, as the shops don't have to pay expensive overheads. How convenient it is - you can shop when you want to. How it's easy to compare prices, and how there are no queues and plenty of parking online!

But before you start shopping there are a number of questions you have to ask yourself.

  1. Do you trust the vendor?
  2. Do they have a 'secure' server?
  3. What are their delivery times?
  4. Can you contact them if the order goes wrong?
  5. Are there any hidden charges?

shop safeMost shopping sites use some sort of shopping cart - this is your virtual trolley into which you can place items, then take them to the checkout when you want to pay. The checkout must be in a secure server in order for your transaction to be secure.


How Do I Know I'm in a Secure Server?

When you go into a secure server the key or lock in the bottom of your browser will appear locked or highlighted. The address of the web site will also change from http://www... to https://www... signifying that the site is secure.

Netscape Security Internet Explorer Security

If none of this happens, then this is not a secure server - don't enter your credit card details. Don't be afraid to email the vendor and ask them a few questions to put your mind at rest!

What Else Should I Do?

Here are a few hints about online shopping that we've learned along the way:

  • Always print out your order confirmation.
  • Pay by Credit Card. If something goes wrong you can have a credit card transaction reversed in legitimate circumstances.
  • Order more than just one item at a time to save on delivery costs.
  • Try and get your goods delivered at a time when you will be there, otherwise your package might get left with the neighbours from hell!
  • Don't get carried away and spend too much!

More Help

You can get some good advice from your State's Office of Fair Trading.

One Last Word

"I'm a devoted Internet shopper - In the last few years I've bought so much online, from books and CDs to trainers and a TV"says Graham Miller, one of the founders of ShopSafe UK. "So long as you take some basic precautions you shouldn't have to worry. Don't rush in to anything - there are hundreds of shops and stores out there, and try to enjoy yourself - you can still feel the excitement of finding a bargain sitting behind a computer screen. Just don't get carried away and fill your credit card up in one go!"

The ShopSafe Privacy Policy Statement

ShopSafe is ShopSafe Pty. Ltd. acting for The ShopSafe Trust.

ShopSafe is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of any personal information provided to us. ShopSafe complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Privacy Principles.

To enable us to provide some of our services to you, we need to collect personal information from you – usually your name and email address. You may also choose to tell us your preferences and country of origin when searching ShopSafe web sites. You may also choose to provide us with your mobile phone number.

Our electronic records are maintained in password protected archives.

Our records are maintained so we can send you details of promotions or services, in which you may be interested. However, each time we send you something you have the opportunity to request that no further information be sent to you. Your personal information will then be deleted from our records.

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